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Spectrum Certification of Today

The Equipment Location-Certification Information Database (EL-CID) was developed to provide an automated tool to support electronic processing of spectrum certification requests at NTIA. The database structure and design is based upon the new comprehensive database (the OSM Data Dictionary) being developed at NTIA to replace the GMF database that is currently used to support various spectrum management activities, particularly the frequency assignment process.

NTIA is transitioning from the EL-CID Desktop to EL-CIDOnline (ECO) in 2022.  NTIA will stop routinely accepting EL-CID Desktop equipment certification requests on June 27, 2022, at 4:00 p.m. EDT, and the ECO: is a new platform to submit certification requests. ECO Support Contact:; or Phone: 833-695-0543.

EL-CID Downloads

WARNING: It is strongly recommended that you back up existing EL‑CID databases prior to installation or reinstallation of EL‑CID. Failure to install EL‑CID correctly could result in loss of data.

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