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Office of Telecommunications and Information Applications (OTIA)

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NTIA’s Office of Telecommunications and Information Applications (OTIA) administers the Broadband USA program, the National Broadband Availability Map (NBAM), and provides support for the American Broadband Initiative (ABI). These programs help to further the deployment and use of broadband technology which lays the groundwork for sustainable economic growth, improved education, public safety, health care, and the advancement of other national priorities.

The BroadbandUSA program promotes innovation and economic growth by supporting efforts to expand broadband access and meaningful use across America. BroadbandUSA serves local and state governments, industry, and nonprofits that seek to expand broadband connectivity and promote digital inclusion. BroadbandUSA’s services are driven by the needs and interests of state and local communities, and focus on supporting planning efforts, helping to identify funding, and advising on local broadband programs.   

The NBAM is a secure geographic information system (GIS) platform for the visualization and comparison of federal, state, and commercially available broadband data sets. The NBAM will help identify regions with insufficient service, compare multiple data-sets to identify discrepancies in broadband availability, and produce reports and analyses that could be used for broadband policy, planning, and investment decision-making.

The ABI is a multi-agency effort focused on removing barriers to broadband deployment to make it easier for broadband providers to build out networks across the country. More than 20 different federal agencies have committed to take action to increase private investment in broadband infrastructure and services to fill broadband connectivity gaps across the country. The ABI is led by representatives from the White House, USDA’s Rural Utilities Service, and NTIA. The ABI consists of three major workstreams:  Federal Funding of Broadband, Streamline Federal Permitting, and Leveraging Federal Assets.

In the past, OTIA also administered the following grant programs and is still monitoring some active grants: 

  • The Broadband Technology Opportunities Program (BTOP) and the State Broadband Initiative, an investment of approximately $4 billion in projects throughout the United States to support the deployment of broadband infrastructure, enhance and expand public computer centers, encourage sustainable adoption of broadband service, and promote statewide broadband planning and data collection activities.​
  • OTIA also continues to monitor a grant to the Public Broadcasting System as part of the Warning Alert and Response Network.
Associate Administrator: Douglas Kinkoph


Office of Telecommunications and Information Applications 
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