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NTIA Offices

Organization Chart

Office of the Assistant Secretary

Diane Rinaldo (Acting)
Assistant Secretary for Communications and Information

Douglas Kinkoph (Acting)
Deputy Assistant Secretary for Communications and Information

Chief of Staff

Line Offices

Office of Spectrum Management

Charles Cooper
Associate Administrator

Office of International Affairs

Vernita Harris (Acting)
Associate Administrator

Office of Policy Analysis and Development

Evelyn Remaley (Acting)
Associate Administrator

Office of Public Safety Communications

Marsha MacBride
Associate Administrator

Staff Offices

Office of Policy Coordination and Management

Maggie Mitchell
Director of Administration and Chief Financial Officer (Acting)

Stephen Fletcher
Chief Information Officer

Laura Pettus
Director, Budget and Finance (Acting)

Wayne Ritchie
Chief, Management Division

Office of Congressional Affairs

James Wasilewski
Director of Congressional Affairs

Office of Public Affairs

Anne Veigle
Director of Public Affairs

Office of Chief Counsel

Kathy Smith
Chief Counsel

Organization Chart  (pdf version)