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CSMAC Meeting in Boulder Special Instructions -- Access to Boulder Labs

July 24, 2012

Access to DOC Labs

CSMAC will be hosted at the U.S. Department of Commerce (DOC) Boulder Labs325 Broadway, Building 1 Lobby, Boulder, Colorado 80305. All meeting  attendees and visitors to DOC must pass through a security screening process and receive a DOC picture badge to access the site.

Security Procedure for Visitors

All visitors who do not have a Federal ID issued by an agency of the Department of Commerce are required to sign in and receive a visitor badge from the Visitors Center at the Security Checkpoint.

Visitors to the site who are U.S. citizens must present a current government-issued photo ID, such as a state driver's license.

Foreign Nationals must present a valid passport or a permanent resident ID (i.e. "green card"). All IDs must be originals -- no photocopies will be accepted.

Foreign Nationals who are not permanent residents in the U.S. must be cleared for access 24 hours prior to their arrival on campus. Once registered, a member of the ITS staff will contact you to request your full name, gender, date and place of birth, citizenship (and dual citizenships if applicable), passport number and country of issue, country of current residence, and arrival and departure dates.

To receive a visitor badge, all visitors are required to enter the Visitors Center to be screened before proceeding to their destination. If you are driving, park next to the prior to going through the Security Checkpoint to obtain both your visitor badge and a parking permit.

All participants on the first day will be issued a temporary visitor picture badge and parking pass (if driving on site) at the Visitor's Center at the main entrance to the DOC campus. In addition, a PIN number will be given to access the front lobby doors of Building 1.

Access to the Building 1 Conference Facilities is obtained by entering the PIN number on the keypad located on the left of the doors on the east side main entrance to Building 1. Visitors are required to wear their visitor badge at all times while on site. Meeting attendees are allowed access only to the lobby, restroom area, and cafeteria of Building 1, unless escorted by a DOC employee.

Return access to the site: Meeting attendees and visitors must show their visitor badge to security personnel every time they enter the DOC campus. If you are driving and leave the site during the meeting, your vehicle is subject to search each time you re–enter the campus.