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Land Mobile Spectrum Planning Options Report Acronyms

List of Acronyms

APCO      Association of Public-Safety Communications Officials-International Inc.   
ATV       Advanced Television
CDMA      Code Division Multiple Access
CEPT      European Conference of Postal and Telecommunications Administrations
DOD       Department of Defense
DOT       Department of Transportation 
DTRS      Digital Trunked Radio System
ETTM      Electronic Toll and Traffic Management
FAA       Federal Aviation Administration
FCC       Federal Communications Commission
FHWA      Federal Highway Administration
GMF       Government Master File
HDTV      High Definition Television
HF        High Frequency
IRAC      Interdepartment Radio Advisory Committee
ISM       Industrial, Scientific, and Medical
ISTEA     Intermodal Surface Transportation Efficiency Act
ITS       Intelligent Transportation System
LAN       Local Area Network
LMS       Location and Monitoring Service
NASA      National Aeronautics and Space Administration
NOI       Notice of Inquiry
NPWC      Navy Public Works Center
NTIA      National Telecommunications and Information Administration
NTSC      National Television System Committee
OMB       Office of Management and Budget
OR        Off-Route (aeronautical mobile and aeronautical mobile-satellite services)
PCS       Personal Communications Services
PLMR      Private Land Mobile Radio
R         Route (aeronautical mobile and aeronautical mobile-satellite services)
SMR       Specialized Mobile Radio
SPS       Spectrum Planning Subcommittee
SUF       Spectrum Use Factor
SUM       Spectrum Use Measure
TDMA      Time Division Multiple Access
TIA       Telecommunications Industry Association
UHF       Ultra High Frequency
VCAS      Vehicle Collision Avoidance System
VHF       Very High Frequency

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