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Land Mobile Spectrum Planning Options Report Cover

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October 19,1995

As the Assistant Secretary for Communications and Information, and Administrator of the National Telecommunications and Information Administration (NTIA), I am pleased to release this report entitled Land Mobile Spectrum Planning Options. Of all the uses of radio spectrum, few are as vital as land mobile radio services. Mobile telecommunications play an important role in the life of virtually every American, and it is imperative that a high priority be placed on ensuring that the spectrum needs for these services are met now and in the future.

As our nation's population becomes increasingly mobile, and information and telecommunications technologies become more widely accessible, the demand for mobile communications services will continue to grow rapidly. Federal, State, and local governments also have increasing responsibilities in law enforcement, environmental control, resource management, and social services, all of which depend heavily on mobile communications.

NTIA has, through the years, transferred control of a large portion of the radio spectrum to the private sector, as well as to State and local governments, for commercial, private, and public uses. This spectrum includes the 235 MHz of spectrum identified by NTIA for transfer earlier this year. NTIA believes that this spectrum may help alleviate the demand for spectrum for land mobile applications, particularly in the area of public safety. As the Federal spectrum manager, NTIA will continue to work closely with Federal agencies, the Federal Communications Commission, and the private sector to assure that adequate spectrum will be available to meet future national needs.

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Project Management

Larry Irving
Assistant Secretary for Communications and Information

Michele C. Farquhar
Acting Deputy Assistant Secretary and Chief of Staff

Office of Spectrum Management

Associate Administrator
Richard D. Parlow

Director, Spectrum Plans and Policies
Robert J. Mayher

Manager, Strategic Spectrum Planning Program
W. Russell Slye

Project Team

Spectrum Engineering and Analysis Division
Richard J. Orsulak
Robert R. Seach

Spectrum Plans and Policies
Joseph P. Camacho

Institute for Telecommunication Sciences
Robert J. Matheson

Project Contributors

Office of Spectrum Management
Gerald F. Hurt

Office of Chief Counsel
Bruce A. Henoch

Office of Policy Analysis and Development
Joseph L. Gattuso

Office of the Assistant Secretary
Paige Darden

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