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Measurements of Wind Profiler EMC Characteristics

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March 01, 1994
Daniel Law, Frank Sanders, Gary Patrick, and Michael Richmond


This report provides the results of measurements that were conducted on a 404.37 MHz wind profiler located in Platteville, Colorado. These measurements included: radiated spectra (both high and low mode), radiated harmonic and subharmonic power measurements, characterization of the antenna frequency response, determination of the radiated antenna gain values near ground level, susceptibility of profiler performance to interference from selected emission waveforms, and the effects on a typical land mobile/amateur operation from wind profiler emissions. In addition, the report presents a detailed wind profiler system description including operations/functions, system hardware, digital signal processing, as well as an
analytical estimation of the interference effects on profiler performance. The information contained within this report can serve as an aid in conducting electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) analysis to determine compatibility between wind profilers and other systems.