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National Land Mobile Spectrum Requirements

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TM 94-160
January 01, 1994

The National Land Mobile Spectrum Requirements report was released in January 1994. This report describes the Federal Government's land mobile radio (LMR) usage and trends in the following bands: 30-50, 138-150.8, 162-174, 220-222 and 406.1-420 MHZ. It also presents public (common carriers such as cellular radiotelephone and radio paging), and private sector (including state and local government) uses from 25 MHZ to 1 GHz, related regulatory issues and trends in the land mobile services. The report also contains a discussion on personal communications services. zo, E. Response to Title VI - Omnibus Budget Drocella, E.F., Jr. Reconciliation Act of 1993 Scammon, C. The Preliminary Spectrum Reallocation Report was released on February 10, 1994. This report, prepared in response to Title VI of the Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act of 1993, identified 235 MHZ of radio spectrum for transfer from Federal Government use to private, commercial use. The report marks the first step in a process that will lead the way to major changes in U.S. Management of the radio spectrum.