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2021 NTIA Spectrum Management Training Classes

Federal Spectrum Management Course

Open to U.S. Government Employees and Federal Contractors ONLY

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, NTIA suspended its Spectrum Management training classes in 2021.

As a result, our classes are being presented virtually for the foreseeable future (i.e., calendar year 2022).  The classes will include a 3-day overview class offered two or three times (the first session took place in March, 2022), along with individual, 1-day classes on specific spectrum management topics.

The initial 3-day class introduces students to the federal government’s management of spectrum, from the development of spectrum policy through the implementation of systems by the federal agencies.

This class provides a basic level introduction to Federal spectrum management processes, procedures and techniques. The course also includes presentations on spectrum management terminology and resources, and provides a basic overview of spectrum management principles; the NTIA equipment and system certification, and frequency assignment processes and procedures

This class also includes a discussion of the latest spectrum management issues, an overview of NTIA’s spectrum management processes, and presentations by selected federal agencies on how they use spectrum. 

The next 3-day overview class will take place in the late June to mid-August timeframe. 

We will post the dates here and on the OSMtraining listserv when they are finalized

 Information on our one-day spectrum management training classes is posted here.

To subscribe to NTIA’s Spectrum Management training email list, send a blank email to 

For additional questions regarding NTIA’s spectrum management training programs, contact:

Eric Rosenberg
National Telecommunications and Information Administration
Office of Spectrum Management


Spectrum XXI: Electronic Processing of Spectrum Proposals.

Open to U.S. Government Employees and Federal Contractors

Spectrum XXI (SXXI) provides federal agencies an automated tool to support the electronic processing of spectrum proposals with NTIA. This client/server software facilitates the exchange of frequency assignment requests and supports the frequency assignment process. Spectrum XXI includes several engineering programs, such as point-to-point and coverage plots with terrain features. It includes the required compliance checks that all frequency proposals submitted to NTIA must include.  

Spectrum XXI training is presented as a five day live on-line instructor-led virtual class.

The 2022 training schedule has not been finalized. When it is available, we will post it here and on the OSMtraining email listserv (to subscribe, send a blank email to

For more detailed information click here

EL-CID:  Spectrum Certification for Today

Open to U.S. Government Employees and Federal Contractors ONLY

The Equipment Location-Certification Information Database (EL-CID) was developed to provide an automated tool to support electronic processing of spectrum certification requests at NTIA. The database structure and design is based upon the new comprehensive database (the OSM Data Dictionary) being developed at NTIA to replace the GMF database that is currently used to support various spectrum management activities, particularly the frequency assignment process.

The EL-CID training class is available on-line only.  (more information here)

United States Telecommunications Training Institute (USTTI)

Open to Representatives of Developing Nations.

NTIA offers the following class through the USTTI:

• Radio Frequency Spectrum Management (dates to be determined)

This multi-day course addresses national spectrum management architectures, strategic spectrum planning, frequency assignment and licensing and spectrum monitoring, measuring and enforcement. Best practices for spectrum management will be covered. Sessions include engineering analysis, electromagnetic compatibility, spectrum measurements and monitoring, and technical standards. Computerized and automated spectrum management processes are discussed. Special attention is given to radio services of greatest interest, including land mobile and satellite communications.

Please contact USTTI directly for additional information on these and other class offerings at the following email address, or visit their website,