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Seizing the Opportunity

Developing a National Spectrum Strategy

The United States has historically been a global pioneer in developing and implementing wireless services. World-changing technologies, including the early developments of terrestrial wireless and space-based systems used for various services, were conceived on our shores, revolutionizing the lives not only of Americans but also millions of others around the globe. America’s technological leadership has been accompanied by a willingness to pursue daring regulatory and policy ideas such as spectrum auctions, unlicensed spectrum access, and dynamic spectrum sharing. The complexity of America’s wireless environment, and the high demand for spectrum resources, have proven to be a competitive advantage, prompting our companies, policymakers, and regulators to be more agile and creative in producing new innovations.

And yet, the circumstances that forged America’s early leadership in wireless technologies once again present new challenges. Today, we stand at a crossroads in implementing the spectrum policies necessary to ensure that the United States continues to exemplify competitive and technological leadership and achieves our national goals for economic opportunity and equity, climate stewardship, infrastructure rejuvenation, and national security.

In this National Spectrum Strategy, we reaffirm our Nation’s legacy of boundless innovation, and we honor those who have pioneered it, by seizing the opportunity to lead the next era of wireless discoveries.